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​Christian Psychologist

Marriage & Family

Bereavement Services

Keeping families together is a major focus of Dr. Thomas. He is skillful in assessing family interactions and providing targeted interventions to help disentangle family conflicts​.
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​Anxiety Disorders

Many people have a fear that something bad is going to happen in their life. Sometimes these feelings are related to specific events that they expect to happen. Other times there is just a foggy sense of dread. There are many different reasons for anxiety such as early separation from parents, being bullied as a child, or some other traumatic event. Anxiety disorders can be related to physical disorders or may be induced by psychological and environmental factors. Dr. Thomas can help clients disentangle psychologically and environmentally based anxiety disorders, and can also help make appropriate referrals when it is suspected that an individual's anxiety disorder may have a physical basis.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Some people worry about everything. Frequently, individuals blow situations out of proportion, and thoughts spinning around in their heads like a whirling merry-go-round make them want to pop from tension. dr. Thomas can work with clients to slow down their spinning thoughts, and reduce their excessive worry and fears.

Panic Disorder

Panic frequently strikes some individuals without warning, causing them to feel like they want to die. Sometimes this panic is the result of bombshells that surface from the subconscious or situations that attack without warning, leaving the person feeling defenseless. Dr. Thomas is available to help clients defend against these often debilitating experiences.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social situations leaves many people feeling doubt ridden, withdrawn, and reluctant to engage in social situations. Dr. Thomas can provide social skills training to help clients more fully engage in life.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Many people are plagued with thoughts and behaviors that keep them stuck in torturous rituals. Dr. Thomas can assist clients to figure out and alleviate the cause of their irritating thoughts and behaviors. This counseling will be done in conjunction with a psychiatrist of the clients choosing who can help appropriate medication.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD can come from a variety of situations (i.e, combat, rape, prolonged emotional and physical abuse, and other extreme situations). Flashbacks, anger, social withdrawal, intrusive thoughts, and other edgy emotions are common for PTSD sufferers. Dr. Thomas counsels clients with this potentially debilitating disorder.

Stress and Anxiety Management

Frequently people have specific situations that cause them stress. Clients with anxiety tend to ramble in their thoughts due to fears related to a variety of situations. The birth of a child, the loss of a job, newly diagnosed health problems, or changes in social relations. Dr. Thomas is available to help clients relieve stress and anxiety related to these temporary and distressing situations. Through targeted interventions clients can find help for these difficult, temporary situations. Thomas is available to help clients disentangle their thoughts related to anxiety and help them figure out a plan to relieve the anxiety.

​​Dr. Thomas is skilled at assessing whether depression is short or longterm. He works to provide the best intervention to lift clients from their down emotional state.​​
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Women's Counseling

​​​The death of a loved one can occur suddenly or over the course of a long struggle with an illness. 
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​The shifting roles of women can cause some identity struggles.​​ Dr. Thomas is available to help sort out issues related to women of various ages.
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Psychological Testing

Depressive Disorders

Psychological testing can shed light on how a person functions in the world by revealing the way they perceive themselves and others.
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