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​The shifting roles of women can cause some identity struggles.​​ Dr. Thomas is available to help sort out issues related to women of various ages.
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Women's Counseling

Psychological Testing

Keeping families together is a major focus of Dr. Thomas. He is skillful in assessing family interactions and providing targeted interventions to help disentangle family conflicts​.
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Depressive Disorders

Marriage & Family

Bereavement Services

The death of a loved one can occur suddenly or over the course of a long struggle with an illness.  Death can leave loved ones feeling shocked, sad, confused, and angry.

The death of a loved one can cause the bereaved to question their faith and belief in God, widening existing cracks in family structures because of the stress of unresolved painful family issues. 

The death of a loved one can result in the bereaved feeling like an orphan; alone and frightened. 

Dr. Thomas has years of experience restoring people’s faith in God, rebuilding family structures and reviving the sense of family support due to bereavement.

Long Term Illness
The long-term illness of someone we love can be an exhausting challenge to maneuver through.  Bedside vigils and fear of the inevitable leave family members and friends emotionally and physically drained.  The passing of the person leaves us relieved that their suffering is over but sorrowful for our loss.  Dr. Thomas can assist friends and family members recover from the sorrow and fatigue of their long and dutiful vigil.

The taking of one’s own life is a tragedy.  Family members and friends of the deceased are left stunned and heart broken.  They often feel bewildered and guilty; wondering if they have missed subtle or overt signs of the event.  Dr. Thomas is available to help you find peace and solace establishing an open dialogue to address those difficult but necessary questions of the tragic event and lift the grief of such a tragedy.

Violent Death
Violent death comes suddenly and snatches those who are precious to us out of our lives.  Violent death leaves the bereaved feeling numb, empty, and disoriented.  Questions of why are left unanswered. 

Dr. Thomas can assist the bereaved fill in the gaps of unanswered questions, un-thaw the numbness and help reduce the pain and sorrow that results from violent death.

​​Dr. Thomas is skilled at assessing whether depression is short or longterm. He works to provide the best intervention to lift clients from their down emotional state.​​
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Psychological testing can shed light on how a person functions in the world by revealing the way they perceive themselves and others.
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​Christian Psychologist

Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Thomas is available to help clients disentangle their thoughts related to anxiety and help them figure out a plan to relieve the anxiety.​​

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​​​​Dr. John H. Thomas