​Christian Psychologist

Marriage & Family

​The shifting roles of women can cause some identity struggles.​​ Dr. Thomas is available to help sort out issues related to women of various ages.
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Anxiety Disorders

Women's Counseling

Bereavement Services

​​​The death of a loved one can occur suddenly or over the course of a long struggle with an illness. 
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Keeping families together is a major focus of Dr. Thomas. He is skillful in assessing family interactions and providing targeted interventions to help disentangle family conflicts​.
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Dr. Thomas is available to help clients disentangle their thoughts related to anxiety and help them figure out a plan to relieve the anxiety.​​

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​Depressive Disorder

Depression takes on many forms. Some people battle depression for years, while others have specific situations that cause them to be blue. People with depression certainly need someone who is patient in helping them work through the sludge in their mind related to their depressed mood. Dr. Thomas is skilled at assessing whether your depression is short or long term. He works to provide the best intervention to lift clients from their down emotional state.

Major Depressive Disorder

Major depression can be debilitating and can last for years. Frequently people have drawn drape blues. Struggling to get out of bed is a huge chore. People often battle with suicidal thoughts and behaviors, have severe impaired self concept and self-esteem that saps their energy for a productive and happy life. Dr. Thomas is dedicated to helping people come out of the dungeon of this type of depression.


Dysthymia is the walking blues. It can last for up to two years while people struggle to keep a foot hold in life. Family, job responsibilities, and social relationships can be difficult to maintain, and leaves people feeling as if they are walking in mud. With proper counseling and medication, clients frequently get better. Dr. Thomas can provide the counseling and consult with clients' physicians about effective medications.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Wintertime frequently leaves people feeling sad and lonely. Sometimes this is due to grey sunless days as well as a lack of social contact. The cheery holiday season is especially troublesome. While this type of depression is seasonal, Dr. Thomas can provide support to get through these grey and dreary times.

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