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​Christian Psychologist

​​​The death of a loved one can occur suddenly or over the course of a long struggle with an illness.
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Bereavement Services

​The shifting roles of women can cause some identity struggles.​​ Dr. Thomas is available to help sort out issues related to women of various ages.
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Psychological testing can shed light on how a person functions in the world by revealing the way they perceive themselves and others.
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Anxiety Disorders

Marriage & Family

Keeping families together is a major focus of Dr. John H. Thomas' practice. He is skillful in assessing family interactions (i.e, behavior and communication patterns, power struggles, etc.,) and providing targeted interventions to help disentangle family conflicts, whether families are intact or divorced.

Couples / Premarital / Marital Counseling

Couples are often unaware of how their family history, and other significant (positive and negative) past relationships impact their current love life. Dr. Thomas has spent many years helping couples gain insight into how one's family of origin and other significant relationships plays a part in couple's premarital and marital expectations.

Step Parent Families

The blending of two families frequently has rules, especially when children are involved. The roles of the biological parent and step-parent can be confusing, particularly when there is tension with the ex-spouse. Dr. Thomas can help disentangle parents and children's' expectations and help create a new reality from the ashes of the old.


Infidelity is a wrecker of many relationships. The destructiveness can relate to married couples or unmarried couples. Often the goal of therapy is to bring couples back to the brink of a breakup, while sometimes the goal is to help the couple have a healthy transition out of the relationship. Dr. Thomas has the ability to help couples figure out why such a horrible situation occurs and fix the breach in their fidelity.

Family Therapy

Families have many dynamics that can cause chaos. The roles of parents, finances, personality conflicts between children and parents, and powers struggles between family members often need counseling. Dr. Thomas can help families work through these thorny issues.

Depressive Disorders

​​​Dr. Thomas is skilled at assessing whether depression is short or longterm. He works to provide the best intervention to lift clients from their down emotional state.​​
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Women's Counseling

Psychological Testing

Dr. Thomas is available to help clients disentangle their thoughts related to anxiety and help them figure out a plan to relieve the anxiety.​​

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