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​Christian Psychologist

Dr. Thomas is available to help clients disentangle their thoughts related to anxiety and help them figure out a plan to relieve the anxiety.​​

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Marriage & Family

The death of a loved one can occur suddenly or over the course of a long struggle with an illness.
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Bereavement Services

​​Dr. Thomas is skilled at assessing whether depression is short or longterm. He works to provide the best intervention to lift clients from their down emotional state.​​
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Keeping families together is a major focus of Dr. Thomas. He is skillful in assessing family interactions and providing targeted interventions to help disentangle family conflicts​.
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Women's Counseling

​The shifting roles of women can cause some identity struggles.​​ Dr. Thomas is available to help sort out issues related to women of various ages.
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Anxiety Disorders

Career and Psychological Testing

In this technological society with shifting career demands, many people need to figure out how to compete. The old days of getting an industrial job has rapidly faded away, and many people don't know what to do. Career assessments can help people figure out their skills and interests, while personality testing can assist clients to understand their psychological make-up to pursue the right employment fit. In addition, personality testing sheds light on how a person functions in the world by revealing the way they perceive themselves and others.

Career Evaluations and Counseling

It has been estimated that 47% of future jobs will be managed by robots. The increasing shift from an industrial society to a "knowledge based society" is leaving many members of our society lost as to what to do for a living in the future. Dr. Thomas has tested evaluation tools to help clients figure out possible future career paths.

Psychological and Diagnostic Evaluations

The understanding of an individuals personality can be a perplexing and difficult undertaking. Dr. Thomas provides assessment tools to help clients understand who they are so that they can more effectively relate to themselves and others.

Depressive Disorders